Bead Soup Blog Party Bead Hoarders Addition!

I absolutely love Lori’s Bead Soup parties! I followed along for 2 years before I decided to participate. This year my partner is Veralynne a very busy tax preparer.
She sent me a gorgeous focal from Tesori Trouvati Treasures Found. I wanted to create a casual updated 60’s look. I absolutely love the look of the focal. I really appreciate the fact that Veralynne won the focal.
She also sent seed beads in the same colors of some saucer beads I had just purchased. I used them to make a memory wire bracelet. I love memory wire because I can actually get the bracelet on and off.
Also included were glass beads in a cream color. I had ordered cream glass beads for a wedding. However the bride changed the color scheme to purple so I was able to put together a wedding bracelet.
I am guilt of not ordering earring wires until last week. I have several earrings ready to put on wires that match my designs, but the my order didn’t arrive on time. If they come tomorrow I will add them to the blog.
Thank you Lori for hosting another Bead Soup. I know this took a monumental effort.
My lovely partner can be found at
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The Baby!

As we go through life we all have little hiccups ! Nothing heals us faster than the giggles from a baby! My daughter graced us with a beautiful baby boy this year. Within a week my daughter in law told us we should be expecting a baby girl in September! What a fabulous year.




Swap and Hop Reveal🌺

My partner Marianne Baxter sent me several challenges. The first was a focal bead that was made by Debbie Hull. The colors remind me of the sea. I also received two starfish. I think you can probably see or sea the direction I went with the challenge.

Also included in my package were gold tube beads. I had fun with the pink beads and gold tubes making a bracelet. It is nice and light weight for the summer!

There was a fun bag of hexagon crystal beads and a second bag of a mixture of beads. I mixed both with some other crystals and made a memory wire bracelet. I loved using memory wire because I am clasp challenged. I am switching back to either memory wire or magnetic clasps.

Marianne is also studying glass work! She sent me a beautiful pendant and earrings! I would encourage her to continue her lampwork. When you visit her site please give her words of encouragement ! I love the pieces she sent me.




Now I am going to send you hopefully to Marianne’s site.

Swap and Hop🌹

I think I was supposed to give you a peek at my swap! I am going to do that now! My parter is Marianne Baxter an aspiring glass worker. We exchanged really early because she was going on a one month adventure. I believe she was going to take more classes in a boot camp in Florida.
She sent me a focal that she made as well as a lampwork bead from Debbie Hull. I love lampwork beads and I can’t wait to see what Marianne learned in boot camp.
So without further ado, here is my swap from Marianne.








The years of change!

I decided 4 years ago to participate in the the year of the project. Each week our challenge is to complete a new project. Last year I decided I would really challenge myself, so I signed up for craftsy wire wrapping classes. For three weeks straight I practiced wire wrapping on two pieces of 16 gauge wire trying to get my wires to look nice and straight like the instructor’s pieces looked. I love wrapping beads because well I hoard beads. If I’m not practicing then I am shopping in the lampwork groups.
This January my first grandson was born! Welcome Benjamin! I will be baby sitting 2 days a week! Yahoo! I am trying to rethink what I carry back and forth to my daughter’s house. Perhaps I can set up a craft room at my daughter’s house we will see.





The Art of Awareness blog hop

Are you prepared for whatever direction your life’s journey is going to take you. There are no do overs once life starts throwing curveballs.
December 26, 2013 my little brother suddenly passed away. By mid January my husbands stress level had pushed his blood pressure through the roof. Time to regroup, I was not prepared. We researched and developed a healthy lifestyle. Between medication and eating healthy foods we had his blood pressure down to a healthy level. Or did we?
August 20, 2014 at 4:30 am my husband got up to walk the dogs and collapsed beside the bed. I was startled awake with his yelling “help me”. I thought he was having leg cramps, so I turned on the light threw on a shirt and ventured over to massage his leg. Oops not a leg cramp, he couldn’t feel his leg. Fortunately my son was home from college and knew immediately my husband was having a stroke. My son worked weekends in the neurology surgical unit at Shands hospital in Gainesville Florida, where they deal with strokes all day.

The ambulance got lost on the way to our house and then on the way to the hospital. Yikes. The ambulance driver told us the hospital was stroke trained, however what they had was a neurologist on the phone to the ER doctor. We live in a relatively small village (40,000) that is a bedroom community in Palm beach county. In the winter we become a large equestrian community that triples in size. However our hospitals are rather lacking. Within 10 miles there are 2 stroke approved hospitals. The hospital they took my husband was not approved.

The protocol for non hemorrhagic strokes is a drug called TPA. It does have draw backs, however it can be possible to walk out of the hospital after a ischemic stroke. However with the delays and lack of neurologist my husband ended up needing rehab.
This story is rather long because being prepared can help in an emergency. The other small hospital in our village is a stroke approved hospital. Take a few minutes and learn about your area hospitals.
This is stroke awareness month.
How to spot a stroke F.A.S.T.
F. Face drooping
A. Arm weakness
S. Slurred speech
T. Time to call 911.
TIA is a mini stroke or warning stroke. My husband had a mini stroke the day before his stroke. You need to get to the hospital with either a mini or a stroke. Take note of the time. There can be other symptoms such as a sudden loss of vision, unusual headaches or sudden hearing loss. With a TIA you experience the same symptoms as a stroke but they last a short time.
I would like everyone that reads this to take a good long look at your insurance plans. Do you have disability insurance? There are also some rather inexpensive supplemental plans that will pay up to $300. a day while you or a family member is in the hospital. How about long term care? We had all three for my husband, however none for me. If it had been me, we would have been out of luck. These insurance plans will pay if your child is hospitalized as well.
Do you know what hospitals in your area have the Heart association or stroke association stamp of approval? Do you have a person assigned to speak for you if you can’t speak?
If you are the caregiver please take time for yourself! If you’re ill, remember that your caregiver is pretty much in the fight or flight mode. That is a constant high level mode that really isn’t healthy.
Be prepared and be aware! My awareness bead project is a polymer clay heart with the bead that is a crazy fun lady saying Hello sunshine! As I am coming out of crisis mode that is one of my favorite sayings. Please enjoy your weekend!
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The wedding

After many years of dating my son and Lindsey got married! It is funny that there is so much stress regarding a wedding and then the wedding goes off with out a hitch. Of course in South Florida we worry about the weather but even Mother Nature was on their side.



I am delighted to welcome a beautiful young woman to my family!

The Bead Hoarder’s blog hop

Welcome to my blog! I hope everyone is ready for the holidays. I am excited that Lori is hosting the Bead Hoarders blog hop again this year. In honor of this challenge I brought out some of my favorite beads.
I saved my Donna Millard glass beads just for this occasion!

I absolutely love the pink, orange and black! I used black leaves and hearts as accents. In Florida this is about as fall like as we get.
For my Christmas necklace I used a rose from C.C. Designs. I added a bumble bee just because.

My last bracelet I had fun with a beautiful flower lampwork piece.
I just love the colors in the flowers they almost look like paint. Thanks again to Lori for hosting this really great blog hop!
I hope everyone has a lovely holiday! Please stay safe.
I hope I can safely return you to Lori’s blog.







Blue fantasy blog hop

Blue happens to be my favorite color ! I was so excited to get blue sea glass. What a gorgeous color. Living in Florida, we can wear pretty much any color and style jewelry year round. I have been on a bracelet making kick and I designed several that can be stacked. Actually I have already worn several of the bracelets I made, because did I mention BLUE is my favorite color!

I had several sea glass colors that I added to this bracelet.



Thank you Lisa for choosing such an awesome color!
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