The mighty eagle is back!

For the most part I love birds in flight. I am terrified of birds big or small within a 5 foot radius of me. Something happened when I was a child and I have a real fear of birds.
However, this gorgeous bird is hunting in my neighborhood. He swooped down off my roof to try and get the neighbor’s cat. After much screaming (from me) and hand waving the eagle took off.
I now click the remote on the car doors every time I leave the house. How sad is that?


My year of challenges

I am participating in the friesen project, a year long challenge to create from Christi Friesens fabulous books. This wonderful challenge is coordinated by Katie Oskin. This month has been all about dragons! There are many talented polymer clay artists.

Dianne Karg Baron is hosting the year of the jewelry project. I am enjoying the challenge of making a new piece each week!
I am quite excited about an upcoming event called The bead soup party hosted by Lori Andersen.
Jewelry makers from around the world are assigned partners and swap beads. Everyone posts their creations and there are quite a few spectacular pieces.
I am really looking forward to a challenging year!

Soups definitely on!

I have a wonderful partner Norma Turvey! We both have our soups as of yesterday. I got mine on Wednesday, so I have already been cooking. Norma sent me two beautiful focal beads. I am going to have some fun! Look at the huge filigree bead…that could be a focal as well. Stay tuned this will be fun!



For Norma’s soup I tossed in ceramic squares for cheese, emerald green for peppers, and red stones for tomatoes. I had this really clever idea, I would stir the pot and have a realistic looking soup. Yikes! Monday morning came and I had to get the soup which now really looked like soup in the mail. I did warn Norma that the soup would arrive looking like soup.
I really hope she enjoys what I sent.

I did include two focals as well. I included a stone as well as one of Bsue’s rustic hearts. Let the simmering begin!

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Soup’s on!

I am so excited to be participating in this year’s Bead Soup party! 500 people from all over the world will be swapping beads with an assigned partner. My partner is not only a seasoned beader, but a seasoned soup maker! Soups On and my wonderful partner is Norma Turvey from Longview Washington. I will be mailing her package out on Monday!

104 plus projects this year

Challenging myself to make 52 pieces of clay sculptures and jewelry pieces this year! Each week I am trying something different for the year of the jewelry project. For some reason I am drawn to steam punk and very traditional jewelry. What a mix! I like balance in a piece. Yet, I grew up when bohemian style was very popular. Peace, love and rock and roll, yes that was our motto in the 60’s.
I am trying to discover which medium I like best. Truthfully, they are all fun.
Over the weekend, I played with my torches. I kept singing Burning down the house. I love adding dyes to metal. On my bucket list will be working with glass. I love the colors that come out in borosilicate beads.
This month we are working with Christi Friesen’s book Welcome to the Jungle. Lions and tigers and bears oh my…..