Soup is on! Number 8!

Bead soup number 8!
What a fine job Lori did this year. Tackling many jobs from her bed! Thank you Lori, for making such a fun event while going through so much!

This year I was partnered with Lee Koopman. Lee sent me quite a challenge! My instructions were to make a focal from her daisy wire wrap. I could use beads, wire or clay. I chose polymer clay.

Fortunately, Lee sent 2 wire frames focals and frames for earrings. My first 2 attempts, all right 3 attempts at the focal came out huge. I was attempting to create flowers to attach to the wire frames. The flowers took on a life of their own.

When Lori announced the reveal delay. I decided to make a new smaller focal using one of the earring bases.

Lee sent adorable mookaite starfish. I live in south Florida, so they look like starfish to me. I did a beach theme bracelet with the mookaite.

Lee also sent amethyst beads. I love the purple! I will use the extra with my left overs from the purple necklace. I used them in a spring bracelet.

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Proud Mom!

My son graduated from university of Florida on Sunday, deans list with honors! However, that is not the entire story. He was in special ed for the first 8 grades.
When he finished kindergarten, the school wanted to hold him back. This child can’t read. What! I knew that he could read books and knew his letters.
They put him in a special program to concentrate on words. He remained in special programs through 8th grade.
We put him in a private school through high school. His teachers all commented on how smart he was in class. He just reads incredibly slow.
After taking his SAT’s twice and not qualifying for a full ride or 75% scholarship for college, he all but gave up. He really wanted to be a doctor. I suggested that perhaps he should take X-ray ‘s at a doctor’s office. See if that was really the direction he wished to go. Continue reading