Proud Mom!

My son graduated from university of Florida on Sunday, deans list with honors! However, that is not the entire story. He was in special ed for the first 8 grades.
When he finished kindergarten, the school wanted to hold him back. This child can’t read. What! I knew that he could read books and knew his letters.
They put him in a special program to concentrate on words. He remained in special programs through 8th grade.
We put him in a private school through high school. His teachers all commented on how smart he was in class. He just reads incredibly slow.
After taking his SAT’s twice and not qualifying for a full ride or 75% scholarship for college, he all but gave up. He really wanted to be a doctor. I suggested that perhaps he should take X-ray ‘s at a doctor’s office. See if that was really the direction he wished to go.

In the mean time, I found a program called eyeQ. It retrains the eyes to read in all directions. They have a free on line test to see how fast you read. He started at 75 words per minute and in 2 weeks was reading at 375 words per minute.
Well at 18 years of age he was the youngest graduate of the radiology tech program at Bethesda hospital. He worked very hard for three years at the hospital.
On his 23rd birthday, he decided that he could be a doctor. He got a job at Shand’s hospital in Gainesville, Fl. Enrolled at the community college and transferred to UF.
We are very proud parents of a graduate of university of Florida!




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