The Bead Hoarder’s blog hop

Welcome to my blog! I hope everyone is ready for the holidays. I am excited that Lori is hosting the Bead Hoarders blog hop again this year. In honor of this challenge I brought out some of my favorite beads.
I saved my Donna Millard glass beads just for this occasion!

I absolutely love the pink, orange and black! I used black leaves and hearts as accents. In Florida this is about as fall like as we get.
For my Christmas necklace I used a rose from C.C. Designs. I added a bumble bee just because.

My last bracelet I had fun with a beautiful flower lampwork piece.
I just love the colors in the flowers they almost look like paint. Thanks again to Lori for hosting this really great blog hop!
I hope everyone has a lovely holiday! Please stay safe.
I hope I can safely return you to Lori’s blog.








23 thoughts on “The Bead Hoarder’s blog hop

  1. I adore Donna Mallard beads- the colors are magnificent, and your creations certainly did them justice. What wonderful creations. I am sure you will enjoy your new jewelry- well worth breaking out the stash.

  2. Such a vivid, colorful group of “hoarded” beads. It would be hard to part with any of them. The bracelet is pure eye candy. If I were to wear it, I would find it difficult not to stare at it the entire time! Gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful and fun pieces! That flowered lampwork bead on your bracelet is just stunning… I would’ve completely froze on using it and it would’ve remained in my hoard >.< Excellent work!

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