Swap and Hop Reveal🌺

My partner Marianne Baxter sent me several challenges. The first was a focal bead that was made by Debbie Hull. The colors remind me of the sea. I also received two starfish. I think you can probably see or sea the direction I went with the challenge.

Also included in my package were gold tube beads. I had fun with the pink beads and gold tubes making a bracelet. It is nice and light weight for the summer!

There was a fun bag of hexagon crystal beads and a second bag of a mixture of beads. I mixed both with some other crystals and made a memory wire bracelet. I loved using memory wire because I am clasp challenged. I am switching back to either memory wire or magnetic clasps.

Marianne is also studying glass work! She sent me a beautiful pendant and earrings! I would encourage her to continue her lampwork. When you visit her site please give her words of encouragement ! I love the pieces she sent me.




Now I am going to send you hopefully to Marianne’s site.

16 thoughts on “Swap and Hop Reveal🌺

  1. Fantastic job! You made such a variety of pieces! The first bracelet is so beautiful, it just screams wear me!

  2. The pink and gold bracelet is a real beauty and so is the memory wire bracelet. They are perfect for showing off in the spring and summer.

  3. I’m not sure what happened to my first comment so I’ll mention again how much I liked the blue lampwork and the memory wire bracelet! And I think the tubes are a smart way to decorate a piece of jewelry and make it lighter!

  4. Great work! I love the second bracelet I too love using memory wire, it is so easy to use and put on! The lampwork bead in the first bracelet is awesome. I envy people who can do that. I am to afraid of fire to that, but there are some awesome pieces being made. Thanks for posting!

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