Bead soup 3rd reveal………My First bead soup!

This is my first bead soup and my first attempt at making bead necklaces. I have been learning to make focals and working with metal stampings. I have never actually strung beads on wire for a necklace. Okay, that is not exactly true. I taught my Cub Scout troop to add macaroni noodles on string, but that was 20 years ago!
I ended up creating and recreating the bead necklaces several times.
For the green focal, I attempted to recreate the stripes in the stone. I quickly eliminated white from the pattern as it became the dominate color. I used slightly softer yellow beads that really make the necklace pop in the evening.
The blue focal design started out with amazonite and white beads. Hmmm, way to formal and dare I say boring. I switched to a more southwestern style and it became a necklace that could go casual or workplace.
I have tried to show you day and evening pictures of the necklaces.
For the large brass bead, I used the bead focal as a bail for one of Bsue’s fun brass hearts. The back side is finished with clay.
So that is my story and I’m sticking to it.
Enjoy the blog hopping. I will race you to the finish!
You can head back to our lovely host Lori Anderson or stop by my partner’s site Norma Turvey. Thank you Lori what an amazing accomplishment !
My partner is Norma Turvey Let’s check out Norma’s site!






Soups definitely on!

I have a wonderful partner Norma Turvey! We both have our soups as of yesterday. I got mine on Wednesday, so I have already been cooking. Norma sent me two beautiful focal beads. I am going to have some fun! Look at the huge filigree bead…that could be a focal as well. Stay tuned this will be fun!



For Norma’s soup I tossed in ceramic squares for cheese, emerald green for peppers, and red stones for tomatoes. I had this really clever idea, I would stir the pot and have a realistic looking soup. Yikes! Monday morning came and I had to get the soup which now really looked like soup in the mail. I did warn Norma that the soup would arrive looking like soup.
I really hope she enjoys what I sent.

I did include two focals as well. I included a stone as well as one of Bsue’s rustic hearts. Let the simmering begin!

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