Summer color surprise blog hop!

When my blog hop package arrived, I zeroed in on these adorable little yellow beads. For some reason they reminded me of little yellow lemon drops. When I was little, the lemon drops were such a treat.

Summer blog hop….hmmmm lemon drops ah…lemonade . I made a batch of lime slices out of polymer clay. i decided to make a fun necklace out of a lime slice and the lemon drops.
I used the lemon drops in several bracelets because they are such lovely accent beads.

There were some beautiful blue beads that looked like denim soap stones in the package. I made two forth of July bracelets with them! They are great with blue jeans.

There were a lot of seed beads in various colors that have been used as spacer beads. I must confess that a few have been used as eyes in my clay critters.
Enjoy the blog hop! I hope to return you to
Thank you Lisa for coordinating this fun blog hop!






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